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Team Wakesites - “Ride for yourself!”

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Team Wakesites

The Team Wakesites riders are recognized not only for their skills on the water but also for the contribution that each has made to the sport of wakeboarding. Our team recognizes and appreciates the individuality and diversity in the wakeboarding community.

We work with leading manufacturers and sponsors who are passionate about wakeboarding. We differentiate our riders, participating manufacturers, and sponsors from those exploiting the sport for purely financial gain. Join Wakesites and help us build our sport: For the riders. By the riders.

“Ride for yourself” –Josh Smith Co/founder – Team Manager.

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Wakesites Pushes Healthy Progression of Wake

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Wakesites was built for Riders, by Riders. We are Riders, Media and Industry with one vision: The healthy progression of wake sports. Our mission is to provide a place for people from all cultures and diversities to come together and be a part of the growth of Wakeboarding and Wakeskating.

Our sports are the fastest growing action sports over the past ten years. Innovative technology and its advancement is a major focus for Wakesites and its dedicated riders. Wakesites is a place for riders and manufacturers to show how they are constantly pushing the sports to new levels as well as a place for the media to document this progression.

Wakesites philosophy is that the sports begin with the rider and end with the rider. We are rider owned and operated and our vision is of sports in which the rider pushes the industry to embrace open-minded technologies and develop new innovations through the riders’ style and progression. Style over Standings. Quality over Quantity.

Wakesites provides a place for all Riders, Media, and Industry to show what they can bring to the table to help grow the sports. We believe all companies–small, medium and large–that participate in the sports should have the opportunity to show their products and services and collectively influence in a positive way a healthy progression of the sports.

Help us build the sports! Join Wakesites today!

Paul Nobles and Josh Smith

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